Advanced IOLs for Cataracts and Presbyopia
(Intraocular Lenses)

Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas


If you're nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatic, Custom LASIK at Carter Eye Center may be able to deliver clear, natural vision while reducing or eliminating the hassles of glasses and contacts. Everybody's eyes are unique, and Dallas Lasik surgeon Dr. Harvey Carter realizes that LASIK may not be right for all of our guests. At Carter Eye Center, surgeons carefully examine each patient's eyes to determine the right vision correction procedure for that patient.


Presbyopia occurs as you reach your 40s or 50s. The crystalline lens inside your eye loses its elasticity, making it more difficult to read smaller print. Laser Vision Correction does not alter the lens of your eye and does not correct this problem. However, there are procedures that can be performed with Laser Vision Correction such as monovision that can assist patients with presbyopia. Griffin & Reed Eye Care in Sacramento, California offer lasik surgery.


The CustomVue procedure utilizes Wavefront technology to measure and evaluate your vision system. With this state-of-the-art technology, your doctor is able to identify unique imperfections with 25 times more precision than traditional methods. After measuring at 200 various points, the equipment produces a detailed Wavefront map of your eyes, and uses this information to program your VISX Star 4 laser treatment. The accuracy allowed by this new method is unparalleled and offers patients with higher order aberrations the potential for perfect vision. With the developments used in CustomVue, many patients will end up with vision quality that surpasses the vision they experienced with glasses or contacts. At the Berg Feinfield Vision Correction Center in Los Angeles surgeons use CustomVue to correct eye problems.


If you're tired of your reading glasses or bifocals – or if you need cataract surgery - and want to rejuvenate your vision, please e-mail or call Carter Eye Center - Dallas' leader in cataract and presbyopia surgery.


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