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How Does the crystalens® Work?


When a patient has a cataract, it means that the natural crystalline lens in the eye has hardened and become opaque. For years ophthalmologists have been removing lenses with cataracts and replacing them with artificial lenses known as intraocular lenses or IOLs. Until recently, all of these IOLs offered the ability to focus at a distance but not up close. So, while cataract surgery was a miracle by many patients because they could see again, they still had to wear reading glasses to read and perform tasks up close.


The Crystalens® is different from traditional IOLs in that it has a hinge. This hinge is designed to allow the lens to move back and forth in response to ciliary muscle contraction and relaxation and your intraocular pressure. The exiting thing about this is that ciliary muscle changes and your intraocular pressure changes based on whether you are trying to focus on something near or far. This means that the movement of the crystalens® inside your eye as you change your focus approximates the accommodation of a natural crystalline lens in a young person's eye. In layman's terms, this means that the crystalens® gives you the ability to focus on both distance and near objects without corrective lenses like reading glasses or bifocals.


The crystalens® was approved for use in cataract surgery, but Dr. Carter has found that for certain patients it he can perform a clear lens exchange as an alternative to LASIK giving his patients the vision of their youths.


If you have presbyopia or cataracts, Dr. Carter can replace your natural lens with the exciting new crystalens®. Crystalens® enables both of your eyes to focus on near ( 16 inches), intermediate (24 inches-20 ft) and distance (20 ft and beyond) without glasses or contact lenses.


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If you're tired of reading glasses and bifocals and want to regain the vision of your youth, crystalens® at Dallas-based Carter Eye Center may be a solution for you.


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