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Can I have ReSTOR IOLs implanted in both my eyes during the same appointment?


Generally, when receiving treatment for presbyopia or cataract surgery with ReSTOR IOLs or with any advanced IOL, Dr. Carter will usually only implant a ReSTOR IOL in one of your eyes during the first procedure.  The second eye procedure is typically performed one to two weeks later. This is done for a couple different reasons. First, having only one eye corrected at a time allows you to adjust to the improved vision in just one eye, rather than shocking your system.  It also allows you to see with the untreated eye while your ReSTOR IOL eye is healing.


When will I be able to experience my ReSTOR IOL results?


Most of our patients are able to see improvements the same day of, if not the day after, their procedure.  For the most part, it takes about a week for patients to notice a great improvement to their vision.  It is ideal to have the ReSTOR IOLs are implanted in both eyes in order to achieve maximum vision results.


How does the ReSTOR IOL work?


ReSTOR IOLs have the ability to provide the user with near, intermediate, and distance vision.  This is accomplished through the use of apodized diffractive technology.  Apodized diffractive technology uses the light entering the eye through the pupil to provide accurate vision of objects at a wide range of distances.


How much improvement can I expect in my vision from ReSTOR IOLs?


In March, 2005, clinical studies were performed to support the FDA’s approval of ReSTOR IOLs.  The results showed that over 80 percent of people who received ReSTOR IOLs no longer needed to use eyeglasses or contacts to perform any tasks or activities.


What if I am unsatisfied with my ReSTOR IOL results?


During the ReSTOR IOL procedure, your eye’s natural, crystalline lens is removed and replaced with the ReSTOR IOL.  Unfortunately, the natural, crystalline lens cannot be placed back within the eye.  After your ReSTOR IOL procedure, if you are unsatisfied with the results, the ReSTOR IOL can be removed and replaced with either a different ReSTOR IOL, a different advanced IOL like Crystalens or ReZoom, or a traditional monofocal IOL.

If you would like to learn more about ReSTOR IOLs, or other options for treating your cataracts or presbyopia, please contact Dr. Carter today to schedule your free initial consultation at our Dallas, Texas ophthalmology office.